Ways to Speed Up Your PC’ Because It

Is your computer taking more time in starting than it was in the start? Does programs are running at slow speed and you cannot figure out the reasons? Do not worry; there are certain ways that can be adopted to speed up your computer. If you want to speed up your computer then follow below mentioned ways.

Ways to speed up computer


Ways to speed up computer:

Speed of a computer should be good enough so that you can perform all of your tasks without any delay. Check below the lists of simple ways to increase the speed of the computer.

  • Defragmentation To increase the speed of computer, you should defragment your hard drive. The process is simple but it takes some time to defragment all the hard drive. You can also choose some portions of the drive or logical drives to defragment. This boosts up your computer speed.

  • Scan for virusesviruses take a lot of space and they slow down the processing of your computer. It is due to the viruses and malicious softwares that damage the working capability of a computer. You can use any advanced virus scanning software or you can choose windows defender to get rid of these spams.

  • Upgrade operating systemOne reason of your slow computer is the operating system you are using. Windows XP is almost obsolete and it are no more compatible with the latest applications and softwares. If you are still using this system then change and it upgrade to the latest operating systems like windows 7 or Windows 8. These operating systems will increase your computer speed due to advanced security and performance features they are offering.

  • Add more RAMRandom access memory is the volatile memory that loads programs when you start a computer and every application or process use space available on Ram. If it has less space than programs will not load in memory for further processing and speed of computer slows down. A better way to enhance the computer speed is to increase its RAM.

  • Cookie deletesCookies are temporary files that are stored on your computer when you visit a web page. These temporary files can be deleted any time. It is best to delete cookies, which you do not need. They are files that help in loading a web page next time more easily. If you do not visit certain pages frequently, you can delete these cookies or you can choose cookies yourself that you need.
Cookie deletes
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  • Uninstall unnecessary programs When you install an operating system certain extra and unwanted programs are installed too and few applications are installed when you download any software from the internet. These applications and programs slow down your computer speed. Remove them from your computer and enhance the system performance.

Boosting up speed of your computer not only depends on these features, but there can be other issues that you cannot figure out. If you have tried all the above described ways and still its speed is same, then you can bring your computer into shops where people offer professional services to fix such issues. 

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