What Does Google Humming Bird Update Mean For Your Website?

The Google Hummingbird update was released just recently and is said to be the biggest change since they started the caffeine index back in the year 2010. However, it is an internal operational change which means no big shift or immediate Google dance. There have been some websites that have fallen from the search engine results pages but not enough to start the same online chatter there was when the Panda and Penguin updates came out. But, what does all this mean for your website?

Google Humming Bird

It may mean nothing

This is unlikely but it cannot be ruled out. Google have said that your SEO should be business as usual. This is not really a fair statement when they have clearly changed how they work. But, it is plausible that all the SEO things you used to do will still work. It may be more of a case of learning extra tips instead of stopping doing what you are doing. It is unlikely that the Hummingbird update won’t have a lasting effect on search engine results, but time will tell as to how serious this becomes.

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It may mean that the Internet it going to evolve for quite a while

A slow evolution of the search engine and therefore Internet is probably going to take place. People will discover certain techniques that now allows them to rank higher. People will fight back by experimenting their own way and the search engine results will continue to change because of the competitive tussle that continues ever onwards.

It may mean keywords are less important

This is a strong suspicion because they removed the Google keyword tool from their website just before releasing the Google Hummingbird update. They moved it over to the Google AdWords program where it became the Google keyword planner. They removed a few things and generalized others. This is a strong indication that just keywords are no longer relevant. They clearly want us to start optimizing our websites in a different way.

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It may mean Google PageRank is less important 

The Google PageRank toolbar has only been updated twice. It was updated once on the fourth of February 2013, and once on the sixth of December 2013. This is not very often and probably indicates that PageRank is no longer relevant in a Google Hummingbird world.

It may mean you have to answer a question on your website 

Google have said that questions are more common on the search engine than just typing in keywords. They are saying that more people are typing in questions. This means that you are going to have to start optimizing your website in order to answer questions. Consider the questions that your customers would ask you if they could and then answer them on your website. That appears to be the only way to optimize for questions. The questions that people type into the search engines do have keywords, but keywords are apparently not what we are supposed to be going for.

It may mean you have to write in-depth articles

This idea was put forwards by Matt Cutts and if rumors are to be believed it was overheard when they announced the update. Apparently the quick list articles are no longer as search engine friendly. It will now be longer more in-depth articles that are more search engine friendly. This may put a lot of writers out of work because people are not going to pay them enough money to do in-depth articles. Most Internet writers are paid according to word counts and not according to how much effort went into the articles. If Google starts to favor longer and more in-depth articles, then where are they going to come from?

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It may mean you have to write more for humans over search engines

This is a common Google theme and it is no doubt playing a part within the whole Hummingbird update thing. Many people force keywords into text in order to make it more search engine friendly. That sort of thing will be a thing of the past. Keyword prominence will also be a thing of the past. For example, having to put the most important keyword at the front of a Meta description makes it hard to create an easy to read one. If people are being asked to write for humans then prominence will surely not matter anymore. This may in tern make things such as the Meta keywords tag a lot more powerful again (as powerful as a blogs tagged keywords section).

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My name is Sonia Jackson I write for Royal-Essay.
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5 Killer And Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Nowadays Internet Is Must for everyone.But In Internet, Peoples Now Searching About Making Money,Make Money Fast ,Make Money Without Investment But Not All Are Good Only Some Jobs Are Good For You. Now So Today I am Sharing Killer And Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Make Money Online

Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing Is Very Popular Job.It’s Depends On All About Selling Products.Many Company Like Amazon,Flipkart Etc..In This Way You Just Refer A Product Of Desired Company If Any Product Purchased By Someone Then You Will Get Your Desired Commission I Already Told In My Recent Posts About Affiliate Marketing With Youtube You Can Read Here 

Note :- First Do Study Of Market And What Product Selling You Are.!! Otherwise No One Buy Your Products
Here Some Platform To Promote Your Products
Facebook :- Yes In Facebook You Can Peoples Who Need That Product
Youtube:- Buy That Product Are You Selling Give Video Review Of That Product And Simply Put Your Affiliate Link On Youtube Description
Blogs:- You Can Hire Any Freelancer Writer Or Can too Write About That It May Increase Your Sale

Here Some Popular Sites To Start Affiliate Marketing :-




Blogging Is A Very Popular ! Blogging Is Best Way To Make Money It’s Just Easy Job Sit At Your Home Front Of Your PC. Start Writing Articles Then Monetize It With Google Adsense Or Any Other Ad Network Like Infolinks,Media Etc..

How To Start Blog Without Investment
Blogger Platform
Blogger Is Good Platform To Start Your Blog Because It’s Product Of Google And You No Need To Spend A Single Penny On This All You Need To Do Is Go To Blogger.com Sign In With Your Google Account  Choose Awesome Name Of Your Blog Start Creating Useful and Unique Contents.Now Promote your Blog To Social Media.Then Monetize It Adsense Or Any Other Ad Network

You Can Choose Your Blog Template Here :-5 Premium Blogger Templates
Do SEO Of Your Blogger Blog Read Here Some Tips :- SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

Sell Your Skills

Sell Your Skills

Do You Have Any Skills About Anything If Yes Then It’s Good Job For You. Yes You Can Sell Your Skills To People Who Need It.If You Are Have Expertise In Logo Manger,Crafting,Or Anything Like Singing Dancing , Anything Then Fiverr Is Best Site For You
What is Fiverr ?
Fiverr Is Website Where Peoples Add Their Skills For Example You Have a Skill Of Logo Design And If Any Company Or Individual Need Logo For Their Or Anything Else Then He/She Will Search Logo Designers On Fiverr If He/She Finds You To Design Their Logo.That’s It Is Called Fiverring
You Can Add Job On Fiverr Buyers Are Searching For Any Job Related To Your Skills Then Will Purchase Your Skills
Tip :- Add Pictures Or Video About Your Skills Because It’s Easy To Get It For Your Clients (Buyers)


Make Money By Writing Articles

Writing Articles

Writing Articles Is Really Good Idea.! Contact Any company To Write Their Reviews On Popular Blogs Company Will Pay You 5$-10$ Per Articles I Also Received Many Articles From Company Article Writers Or You Can Alternatively Write Articles For Bloggers Or Website Owners To You Can Join This Facebook There Are Many Deals Done Everyday.
Join These Group On Facebook :-Buy & Sell
If You Haven’t Satisfied With Above Tips Then See This Sites They  Pay Your  For Writing Articles

Content Blvd

Data Entry

Data Entry
Hmm It’s Very Popular And Oldest Legit Job. If You Have Fast Typing Skills With Low Mistakes Then Your Able To Do This Jobs.Many Site Have Huge Project For Completing Project Company Hiring For Data Entry Freelancer.You Can Find Data Entry Jobs On Newspaper Classified Or You Can Use This Sites :-

Tips For You

This Ways Are Definitely Legit And Best Here I am Giving You Some Tips About Online Work

Affiliate Marketing :- If You Are Starting Working With Any Affiliate Company Then First Check Reviews On Forum About that Company

Blogging :- For Blogging Choose Any Topic In Which You Have Expertise And Finally I Say Don’t Give up Because Every Newbie Start Blog And After Some days People Give up. So Specially I Tell You Don’t Loose Hope and Do Hardwork

Sell Your Skill :- Before Selling Your Skill Be Prepared On Your Skill Because Do Some work for People For Free And Take Testimonials From Then And Paste It Image Then Upload It Fivrr It’s Really Help You Increase Your Product Sells 10x Faster.

Writing Articles :- Quality Always Matter In Articles So Read Always Others Articles It’s Really Fuels You To Write Some Good And Unique 

Data Entry :- ‘Data entry keyers are people who take printed information and enter it into forms or otherwise convert it to digital media’ This Is Really Great Fact . For Data Entry You Can Improve Your Typing Speed By Playing Online typing Games Or Any PC Software Like Typing Master Or Typing tutor.

Over To You 

Do You Need Any Suggestion Or Have A Question Then Tell Me In Comment Section.!
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Ways to Speed Up Your PC’ Because It

Is your computer taking more time in starting than it was in the start? Does programs are running at slow speed and you cannot figure out the reasons? Do not worry; there are certain ways that can be adopted to speed up your computer. If you want to speed up your computer then follow below mentioned ways.

Ways to speed up computer


Ways to speed up computer:

Speed of a computer should be good enough so that you can perform all of your tasks without any delay. Check below the lists of simple ways to increase the speed of the computer.

  • Defragmentation To increase the speed of computer, you should defragment your hard drive. The process is simple but it takes some time to defragment all the hard drive. You can also choose some portions of the drive or logical drives to defragment. This boosts up your computer speed.

  • Scan for virusesviruses take a lot of space and they slow down the processing of your computer. It is due to the viruses and malicious softwares that damage the working capability of a computer. You can use any advanced virus scanning software or you can choose windows defender to get rid of these spams.

  • Upgrade operating systemOne reason of your slow computer is the operating system you are using. Windows XP is almost obsolete and it are no more compatible with the latest applications and softwares. If you are still using this system then change and it upgrade to the latest operating systems like windows 7 or Windows 8. These operating systems will increase your computer speed due to advanced security and performance features they are offering.

  • Add more RAMRandom access memory is the volatile memory that loads programs when you start a computer and every application or process use space available on Ram. If it has less space than programs will not load in memory for further processing and speed of computer slows down. A better way to enhance the computer speed is to increase its RAM.

  • Cookie deletesCookies are temporary files that are stored on your computer when you visit a web page. These temporary files can be deleted any time. It is best to delete cookies, which you do not need. They are files that help in loading a web page next time more easily. If you do not visit certain pages frequently, you can delete these cookies or you can choose cookies yourself that you need.
Cookie deletes
Photo : amitsjarb


  • Uninstall unnecessary programs When you install an operating system certain extra and unwanted programs are installed too and few applications are installed when you download any software from the internet. These applications and programs slow down your computer speed. Remove them from your computer and enhance the system performance.

Boosting up speed of your computer not only depends on these features, but there can be other issues that you cannot figure out. If you have tried all the above described ways and still its speed is same, then you can bring your computer into shops where people offer professional services to fix such issues. 

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Berndatte Silver is working in content marketing and web designing firm. She uses advanced infographic tools to create fabulous designs of websites and present eye catching infographics for their company projects. The content marketing firm also handles worldwide project of graphic designing and manage content of these websites too.

Unlock iPhone 5 4s 4 5s Orange France Network by IMEI code

Hello Readers Do You Have iPhone Then You Will Surely Need To Unlock Your iPhone.iPhone Is Locked By Orange France Mobile Operator .Right Now You Are In Right Place
Using This You Can Unlock Orange France iPhone 5s Mobile Operator   This Method Is Done By Using Your iPhone Imei Number Because using This Step It Easily Unlock Your iphone

Unlock iPhone 5 4s 4 5s Orange

Imei Unlock

This Is Method Is Very Famous To Unlock Your iphone Orange France By Using Your Iphone Imei Number.There Is No Blocking By Apple To Using Your Iphone Imei Number That’s Why I Telling You How To Unlock Iphone Orange France Network By Imei Code 

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How To Find Your Iphone Your Imei  Code

  • Go To Settings
  • Check Out General 
  • Go To About and Scroll down 

If this Method Ain’t Work For You Then Keep Calm Try This Method 

  • Tap Keypad
  • Press *#06# and The Number Will Appear That’s All.

Then Go To UnlockBoom Site This Site Offers You To Unlock Your iphone In Very Cheap Rate So Just Go To This Site And Get Unlocked Your iphone This Site Give You The Status Of Your Iphone Unlocking Once It Will be Unlocked Then You Will Surely gain Access To Amazing Features And You Can Update Your Iphone Too Once You Used This You Avail To Use Jail Break Too

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Get Updated By The Procedure 
Yes.! Unlockboom Updated You The Procedure Of Unlocking By Email 
Note:- Some Time Your Email Never Seen On Inbox Then Surely check Spam Too

After Reviewing Unlock Boom Service I Have Only Words For You Just Go For It .Because Services Of Unlock Boom is Really Great You Can Share It With Friends On Social Sites Or You Have Any Questions About This Site Or Anything else Then Talk Me At Comment Section I am Very Happy To Give You The Answers Of Your Questions 

iOS 7 vs. Android KitKat 4.4 – Fight for the Survival

Every year we can observe the incessant attempts made by Apple and Google to outclass each other, by refreshing their OS. This year isn’t an exception, as we witnessed the release of iOS 7 and Android KitKat 4.4 mobile operating system. So, which is the ultimate operating system? Well, that’s one question that pops up in the mind of every person. Although, today both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms seem more akin on various levels, but there are many things that differentiate them. 
iOS 7 vs. Android KitKat 4.4
Being an iPhone user, when I came to know about Google’s plan to release iOS 7, I was quite thrilled. I did liked iOS 6 and believed that iOS 7 is only going to be better. iOS 7 did introduced some essential features, however, it lacked the professional touch that I got from previous versions. After iOS 7, Android KitKat 4.4 is now out. When it comes to KitKat, the new version hasn’t brought much change in terms of functionality. However, Android KitKat 4.4 has embraced a noteworthy face-lift in terms of the UI design.

There are a number of things that make one of the platforms superior than the other or substandard from the other. Let’s elaborate:

Appearance and Interface:

Though, there have been significant changes in the interface design of Android KitKat 4.4, but the new version is similar to its predecessors. You can notice slight difference in the UI design, appearance of the android platform. Android 4.4 comes with a clearly lighter and brighter interface free from the heavy, and the dark bar elements at the top and bottom of the display, when compared to Android previous version. 
Android KitKat 4.4
What’s more? Android 4.4 contains bigger icons, the wallpaper’s are different and the app tray has been improved. Lastly, the drop down notification menus and settings remain fused in KitKat and one can easily switch between the drop down notification and the settings menu.

iOS 7


Customization is, undoubtedly one of Android’s key advantages over iOS 7. There are a lot of reasons that supports this fact. Firstly, Google has added widget functionality which let user have instant access to their notes, their social network updates, and much more. Besides, the freedom that android provides to users to alter the system’s UI, is another key element that gives it an upper hand over iOS 7. 
When it comes to customization, Google’s Android KitKat 4.4 has added a new “Home” option in the settings menu, which makes it easier for users to toggle back and forth between launchers. While on the other hand, Apple’s rigid control over the look and feel of the iOS prevents users from customizing the apps. iOS 7 has introduced a few new personalization features like dynamic wallpapers. But unfortunately, neither of them can be downloaded from the app Store. 

What Else!

  • Android KitKat 4.4 autocorrect feature is far more expedient to use compared to Apple’s iOS 7. Once the text is placed, you will observe a reference mark in a word will bring up a bar on top of the keyboard with autocorrect suggestions. While in iOS the bubbles above the word is quite difficult to reach.

  • Apple iOS 7 comes with an added feature known as Control Center, which gives iOS users wider access to the system’s several functions. Just with a simple swipe from the screen’s bottom, users can control a number of settings from screen brightness, to adjusting system volume, to camera, and more. While this feature proves to be one of the major advantages of iOS 7, this feature was already available in third-party Android UIs. Also, Android 4.4 interface has a menu that comprises of toggles and shortcuts which are easy to get to from the notification panel. The only disadvantage is that you might not find it appealing and functional like the iOS 7′s Control Center.


As already discussed above, there is no much to choose between Apple’s iOS 7 and Google’s Android KitKat 4.4 operating systems. And it would be foolish to pick any one of the OS just because you wish to have a change or believe you are missing out on something. Both these platforms offer equal levels of functionality, be it enhancing the design and architectural restoration, none of the OS redefines how actually an OS works. But, there are certain key elements that help you decide which one suit your needs the best as mentioned above.

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Rick Brown is a blogger and provides concrete information about Mobile App Development and latest technology trends. He is currently working as a Senior Content Writer with a leading Android App Development Company, which provides Android app development services.

Top 5 Spy apps for Android

Every had any doubt your partner? What he or she will be doing when you’re not around? Or have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to keep track of what’s happening in your house when you’re out of home? Well, there are bunch of spy apps that are available for android and they can help you in keeping a track of number of things. Although, all these apps may not help you in becoming a spy overnight, they can help you in variety of activities which you and your friends do throughout the day.
So, here’s my list of top 5 spy apps for android. Oh, and did I mention that all these apps are free? Feel free to try them out and see which one suite your needs.

1. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker

The Cell Tracker app by ShreeK communications is right there to help you in tracking the location of your cell phone. It does not work in the way you’re thinking. It protects the privacy of each cell phone user. It helps you in checking all the locations that you’ve visited so far. What’s interesting is the fact that it doesn’t use GPS. The app uses GPRS or WiFi to track down the location and that has been the key factor in minimizing the effect on battery. 

2. Children Tracker

Children Tracker

It’s hard to keep the track of children in today’s world where anything can happen at any time. There are numerous cases of crimes against children where accused have kidnapped them for ransom. This is where Children tracker fills the gap completely. However, I know are few parents out there who don’t like to keep the track of their children’s whereabouts. If you’re one of them then you should perhaps skip this application and move ahead. 

Well, if you’re like one who would like to keep track of your child, this app is one stop solution to all your needs. As soon as you install this app, all you’ve to do is lock it up or hide it from others. 

3. Ear Spy

Ear SpyThis is one interesting app that can change the way you listen to your music. What it does is – It amplifies the sound around you through the microphone when you’re listening to the music and you’re never notified about the same. This app also offers a great equalizer which provides wonderful effects. The app truly improves the sound quality of your earphones as the surround sound is amplified. 

4. Mobile Hidden Camera

Mobile Hidden Camera

Want to have a hidden camera enabled on your phone so that you can record the video of someone’s secretly?  I’m pretty sure that the hidden camera would be trending on top when it comes to spying. There are two modes of using this app. The fast picture mode takes bunch of photos in no time and there is no shutter sound that is played. The other mode is called video mode which is activated as soon as you click the record button. The recording stops when you do that manually. There are variety of other features that I believe you should check out personally.

5. Spy Message

Spy Message

Messenger apps such as What’s app or Kik don’t have the full fledged security layout around your messages. Though these messages can’t be read third party easily, there’s still a chance of someone intruding the security. 

If you plan to have a dedicated and much secured messaging app, Spy message is what you need.  It will help you in keeping the messages confidential. You can add the timer to delete all your messages so that there’s no trace of what was sent earlier. 
About the author

This is a guest post written by Tarun, He is a blogger and writes about Android on his blog.He recommends you to check his latest guide to Root HTC Wildfire S.

3 Best Blogging Communities To Promote Your Blog

Hello Readers After Taking Interview Of Akshit Wadhwa From Unique Combinations Now I am Back To Give You Some Useful That Helps You In Promoting Your Blog On Different- Different Blogging Communities
Promotion Is Everywhere Whether It’s Traditional Or Online Because Promotion Is Very Important For Example You Start Your Shop And Selling Goods But How.How Peoples Increase Their Sale Or Visitors It’s Nothing Else It’s Just Promotion. So According To Me Our Blog Also Need Promotion 

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How To Promote

Promoting Your  Blog Is Very Easy Join Some Communities Given Below And Start Interacting With Peoples Tell About Your Blog.Solve Their problem In Your Blog Posts By Doing This Steps You Will Surely Get Success On Building Your Readership




Blog EngageIn Blogengage There Are Many Writers,Bloggers,SEO Experts Just Hangout With Them Know About Thier Blog How They Write And How They Will Promote Make Friendly Nature With Everyone And You Should Always Follow The Rules Of Community.You Can Download Many Of Ebooks For Free You Will Also Get Free Help From Others.

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BlokubeBlokube Is Awesome Site For Bloggers.This Site Helps You To Increase Popularity Of Your Blog. Blokube Where You Meet New Bloggers,SEO Expert And Entrepreneurs,You Can Share Your Valuable Blog Posts Summary It Helps You To Increase Your Readers Of Your Blog

Read :- SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs


BizsugarIn Bizsugar Where Members Talk About Marketing,Finance,Management,Technology,Online Marketing This Site Helps You To Bring Online Visibility Of Content This Website Has Widgets Of Top Comments And editor’s Pick When Your Content Get On Top Then You Will Get More Visibility

Over To You

On This Blogging Communities You Can Not Only Get Traffic Even You Learn Many Things From Others.You Can Find Advertisers For Your Blog.You Can Get Some Guesting Proposals Too. And Remember One Don’t Do Your Self Promotion Too Much Otherwise You Will Ignore By Other Members It Really Harm To You And Your Blog Readership 

Not Listed Your Favorite Community On The Above List ??No Problem You Can Share You Favorite Communities On Comment Section.! Where We Will Discuss About Those Communities Too

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Shivam Mahajan Is A Founder/Edior Of Tricksbuddy.He Loves To Write About Reviews,SEO,Blogging,OpenSource And Much More Catch him at Google+.

Incredible Facts and Benefits about Google Authorship

Google authorship is a way to connect content that you create on a sentence with Google+. It provides a benefit that the headshot image will appear next to your content in the Google search results. The authorship is influenced to the project by Google where they provide us with a set of methods for making connections. And, the connection between the original content anywhere on the website and
Google+ profiles.

Google Authorship

Reasons to attain Authorship:

Google uses the data to form a view of the author along with the arrangement and number of shares,
external arrangement, and more. In the first 100 search results Google queries will include at least one
instance of author verification as they can help increase CTR’s by 30% to 150% although the
effectiveness of the author will be ranked higher.

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Implementation of Google Authorship:

  • Increase click through rates
  • Maximize search visibility
  • It’s a competitive advantage

Increase click through rates:

By doing so, authors can increase CTR which mind your quality score, targeted the audience, ask aquestion, mind your placement and grab attention with seasonal.

Maximize search visibility:

For scanning the results Google user will not spend more than a few seconds from their search. The least
amount of effort will be required by clicking the top results. Justin Briggs proved the recent eye tracking
study that the search results will have an authorship profile.

It’s a competitive advantage:

Many leaders and digital marketers have been straining the importance of Google+ and authorship. Get
your strategy and set now, click your competitors sites, obviously it may seem to digital marketers to
make sure to point when selling the Google+ strategy and Google Authorship to the senior management.

Benefits of Google Authorship:

  • Keep your identity
  • Establish authority
  • Higher click through rates
  • Build trust
  • Beat plagiarism
  • Elevate the value and the role of the writers
  • Verify guest post and comments

Keep your identity:

If you have a common name you will be able to put the name with a face.

Establish authority:

The result will have a separate headshot. It’s a credible piece of content.

Higher click through rates:

Click through at a higher rate on the links that has rich snippets will satisfy the people.

Build trust:

It is all about the people and relationship. And, it is one more way to shape an online-trust.

Beat plagiarism:

The original authors will get credits.

Elevate the value and the role of the writers:

As the business started to recognize the benefits, good writers don’t want to defend for their blog
posting charge.

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Verify guest post and comments:

The profile follows along the blog comments and the posts published on other blogs.

Google authorship is a tactic that is used by the digital marketing company, which is designed to
progressively help their clients to increase ranking in search engines. Google Authorship has become an
essential tool in enhancing the work of Search Engine Optimization.
The authors are also allowed to gain more visibility for their unique content. Using SEO techniques along
with Google authorship, the authors are getting more benefits and exposure on the internet marketing
world. To enrich their online presence more are taking advantage of the Google Authorship and ranking.
In addition, authorship gloss is useful to the searchers too. Hopefully we can also expect the Google can
get a better and better attribution in the future.

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Amy Jasmine is an accomplished blogger who loves to write about innovative and interesting stuff. Apart from blogging she’s working in an internet marketing company as a content writer. Catch her at Google+.

Interview With Founder Of Unique Combinations – Akshit Wadhwa

Hello Readers +Tricksbuddy  Starting Interview Series Of Popular Bloggers , So With me today is Founder of Unique Combinations - Akshit Wadhwa. Unique Combinations is a blog about technology, tips, tricks , blogging, android, windows , gadgets, etc. It was founded by Akshit Wadhwa In this interview I’ll ask questions related to Blogging experience and knowledge to Akshit.

Hi Akshit , can we start the interview?
Sure Shivam. And thanks for having me, feeling free and happy to answer all your questions.

Q.1) Can you please introduce yourself and your blog  to our readers ?

Ans.1) -Hi Friends, I am from a city from Karnal in Haryana,India. I Love to Use Internet and Know More Things and My Blog is About Blogging,SEO,Tips & Tricks and More.If You Want to Learn More about all these You Can Learn From My Blog.

Q.2) When you start blogging ? Is there any interesting story behind it ? Then please share it with our readers.

Ans.2) I Started Blogging in 2010.But that time i Not Known Much About Blogging and Seo.When i Purchased the UniqueCombinations.Come after then i Know all About Blogging and SEO

Q.3) What are the main sources of Traffic of Unique combinations  ?

Ans.3)- The Main Sources of traffic is Search Engines And Social Networking Sites Like Facebook,Twitter,etc.. 

Q.4) Do you care about the ranking of your Blog ? Any reasons behind it ?

Ans.4)- Yes,I care about ranking of my blog.It shows the persons that the blog is good but now a days my Indian Rank is going bad and Global Rank is going good.

Q.5) Who is your role model as a Blogger? Do you follow their blogs regularly? How are you feeling about your today’s interview?

Ans.5)- As a blogger my role model is to do Blogging and SEO in my blog.No,I don’t follow any blogs.

Q.6)How are you feeling about your today’s interview?

Ans.6)- I m feeling very happy today about this interview because it’s my second interview in online blogs.

Q.7) What are your future planning ?

Ans.7)- My Future Plans is I want to be Popular like Mark Zuckerberg and want to earn like He Earn.

Q.8) What are your suggestions and advices to Bloggers about Blogging ?

Ans.8)- To improve your Blog SEO and search your keywords and make articles on high rated keyword that will give you a lot of traffic.Blogging is the thing which needs time and passion both. If you are thinking that you will be Rockstar after 5-6 months of blogging then you are wrong. Blogging takes almost 2-3 years to get success.
Some people achieved success in short duration too. So go and study the life of those people and analyze how they did that. Blogging is a great career and it would be always. Internet is expanding day by day and we can find everything on internet now. So starting a blog to teach people is always a great idea.

Thanks for reading my interview.Keep practising, keep on learning new things.Keep calm and always be positive.
Add Me on :- Facebook

Shivam, Thanks again for giving us your valuable time for sharing your awesome experience with us. I hope this interview will help many newbies to start their career of Blogging